Intern with WUBU Mix 106


WUBU’s internship program is designed to foster learning and hands-on training for Communication and Business Administration students by working directly with radio executives and managers both in the studio, business and marketing office.

Each intern will work approximately 15 hours per week (based on needs and availability), and will receive classroom credit for participating in the day-to-day activities of running a radio station.  This will involve all aspects of the radio station, including but not limited to:  production and programming, sales, administration, collections, promotions, and executive management.  If college credit is not available by the school we will make the program educationally relevant as possible.

Mix 106 has partnerships with local colleges Brown Mackie, Bethel and IUSB.

If you are interested in interning contact Tonya Reed at (574) 233-3429 or email your resume to


What interns are saying about our program:
“I believe that my intership was a true blessing. When I started I had no idea how much I would enjoy working in a radio station. I have learned so much from my co-workers & they are really fun to work with. I have found my niche in Broadcast Radio. Thanks Mix 106!” – Robert Baker
I enjoyed working along side of individuals whose personalities help shape the WUBU Station. – Hector Rodriguez

“Interning at Mix 106 WUBU was a great experience, everyone was very friendly and welcoming. I loved this job so much that I did not leave, I am now the Office Manager. Thank you for the experience. I love it here!” – April Miller

 “I had been interested in the radio business since I was a little kid so needless to say when my department chair said that Mix 106 was interested in taking on an intern I was a little more than excited. As soon as I came in the door all the employees were very friendly in getting me involved in all aspects of the radio business, and more importantly they made me feel like part of the team. Thank you Mix 106 I had a great time interning for you!” – Mike Waterhouse
“Being an intern at WUBU Mix 106 was a great experience. I got to be hands on in the work that goes on behind the scenes. The office is a laid back environment with very helpful and kind people to work with. Each and every person in the office included me in a little bit of everything to really get the experience I need to succeed in my degree.” – Jamie Williams